Re-manufactured Treadmills, a Very Affordable Alternative

If you are after good treadmills or a discount treadmill there are a number of options. One is re-manufactured treadmills.

There is a huge difference between second hand or used treadmills for sale and re-manufactured treadmills.

A used or second hand treadmill has been used, and is then being sold. It is still in it’s used state and so may well be a short time away from a major breakdown. It’s not cheap to replace a worn out motor. You can also find best treadmills in India here.

So if you are looking for a cheap used or second hand treadmill it may pay to look for a re-manufactured one. It may well be a false economy to buy a used treadmill, and it may turn out to be more expensive to buy than a re-manufactured one if you have to start paying for repairs soon after you buy it. If you are in the market looking for a treadmill, then checkout some of the best quality treadmills here.

What exactly is a re-manufacured treadmill? Let us quote from the information which megafitness publish about their re-manufacturing process. Sorry it’s long but it’s worth reading so that you know exactly what you are getting with one of their re-manufactured treadmills

Here’s how we do it:

Distribution Center

Our Distribution Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. This location serves as the distribution hub for most domestic and international distribution. A 50,000 sq ft. warehouse which is conveniently located 10 miles from the port of Long Beach, 5 miles from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and strategically situated within 1 mile, of 3 of S. California’s primary freeways. It is not unusual for our remanufacturing facilities to have in excess of 2,000 pieces on any given day.

Remanufacturing Facility

Our remanufacturing facilities are the largest and most advanced workshop in the Industry. The State-of-the-Art production facility runs 18 hour shifts to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity which ensures shorter lead times.
Here we have the ability to:
” Re-build all Motors; Rollers & Elevation Systems.
” Re-engineer frames & Handrails.
” Replace crucial electronic; mechanical & moving Parts/components.
” Re-assemble to ensure accuracy and consistency
” Test & conduct our 45 point diagnostics
We have in essence perfected the Art of Remanufacturing.
Our team of professional technicians ensures that every machine has been remanufactured to highest degree. We spare almost no expense when refurbishing machines and because we work directly with the manufacturers, we use mostly factory original parts on all of the machines. No machine will leave our building unless it is virtually perfect and has gone through 24 hours of diagnostics and testing (tests are conducted post refurbishing, by 3 different technicians and by our head technician, prior to the machine being packaged for shipping.)

Powder Coating Facility

To keep with our Art-of-Perfection approach, we have incorporated a powder coating facility to our ensemble. This 10,000 sq ft. facility ensures that every painted item on any remanufactured machines, have undergone professional powder coating process.
This is the only way to bring equipment back to near perfect, “like new” condition.
Many competitors choose to paint equipment with regular spray paint. Beware this method will lead to deterioration of the equipment in no time and will leave equipment looking used and old.
Powder-coating is the only way to ensure that “Brand New” look. We are the only company of its kind which has incorporated this process to every aspect of our remanufacturing process.

Parts Center

We hold one of the largest and most varied parts inventories in the business. This is to aid in the logistics involved in remanufacturing. In addition this helps to simplify and increase efficiency in addressing any parts related Warranty issues which may arise.”

Now once you’ve read that would you buy a used treadmill?

It would have to be pretty cheap to allow for the risk you take, wouldn’t it?

Now don’t expect a re-manufactured treadmill to be as cheap as a straight second hand treadmill. You can see why.

However you would still expect to buy a re-manufactured treadmill for around 50% of it’s new price. We think that’s a bargain.

Keys Treadmill Comparison

A Keys treadmill comparison means that you will take a close look at all the treadmills manufactured by the Keys Company. One thing you will learn from a Keys treadmill comparison is that the company has heard the complaints about the fit and finish of the treadmills. The newer treadmill models are showing a lot of improvement in these areas.

When you do a Keys treadmill comparison you can look at all of the treadmills or only the ones in the price range you can afford. The best of the Keys treadmills are, of course, the electronic treadmills, with many attractive features. For example, the Encore EC 6500 treadmill is electronic with One Touch features such as 15 preset programs, including a heart rate program, for you to choose. This treadmill also has a speed and incline feature that you can adjust during your workout without having to miss a stride. Costing less than $1500, it is great for the novice or the professional.

During the course of your Keys treadmill comparison, you will eventually come to the 8800 Treadmill. This is the most powerful of the electronic treadmills in the Keys line. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and even though it has a cushioned deck, it only features 8 preset programs. According to the reviews of the 8800, for the few features that it offers, customers believe that this treadmill is priced too high.

If you are looking for a really affordable Keys treadmill, less than $1000, you have several models to look at in a Keys treadmill comparison. The cheapest model, the Discovery 120, has a cushioned deck, 3 preset and 6 custom programs. However, if you want an electronic treadmill with a heart rate monitor, then this is not the one for you. It is, however, perfect for an apartment, because you can fold it up for easy storage when you are finished working out on the treadmill.

Doing a Keys treadmill comparison means that you should take notes of all the models that you look at. Then you can sit back and compare the electronic treadmills to determine which one is the best buy. You have to look at the weight capacity, programs and deck size when you do a Keys treadmill comparison, to make sure you are getting your money’s worth with the purchase.

I’ve Never Used A Treadmill Before. Which Treadmill Is The Best?

I’ve Never Used A Treadmill Before. Why Should I Consider One?

If you’ve never used a treadmill before you may not know much about them. They seem very popular. Why?

There’s a number of reasons. Treadmill exercise routines can be performed in the comfort of your own home. The treadmill gives you a wide range of exercise options under your own roof. If it’s snowing outside it doesn’t matter. Or if it’s 100 degrees. It can all be done in the comfort of home. Exercises for the treadmill don’t depend on the weather.

You don’t need to look great. If you’re a little self conscious about your body then you aren’t going to be seen. No’one need even know that you’re on a workout program. It’s your secret. You don’t need expensive clothes to look the part. And if you suddenly decide you can’t go on then there’s no long walk back home, you can just jump off and into the shower.

Which treadmill is the best for you is of course important but all treadmills offer these advantages. They are versatile. You can walk or run. You can set your preferences for your workout. Do you want a heart stopping run up a fierce incline or just a leisurely walk for a half hour. You can do one on the first day and the other on the next day if you feel like you’ve overtaxed yourself.

You can choose to vary the intensity of your program during the workout. You could have a run that is preprogrammed to offer, for example, a range of inclines.

If you know anyone who has a treadmill then ask them for an opinion on treadmills, or even for an opinion on manual treadmills if you are looking at a simple low cost entry treadmill. Chances are that they will identify one major benefit associated with treadmills. Versatility. They offer all sorts of benefits not offered by other types of fitness equipment. That’s why they are the nations number one home fitness device.

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