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Get Fit With An Elliptical Trainer

While running is an excellent cardio workout, it isn’t always the most convenient way to exercise. Inclement weather, busy schedules, and joint-problems are just a few inconveniences that can interrupt a jogging schedule.

Working out a home is a great alternative, but it can be terribly disheartening to have to piece together a number of routines (or drag out several pieces of equipment) to get a total-body workout.

A few years ago, the hottest equipment to take the place of jogging were the treadmill and stairmaster. –But those particular pieces of equipment are bulky and usually require dedicated floor space. Treadmills in particular still do not ease the impact that running can have on our knee and ankle joints.

A wonderful alternative that is sweeping through the fitness world is the elliptical trainer. It mimics the jogging motion without requiring you to remove your foot from the pedals. Not only are the movements extremely fluid, but you almost get a sense that you’re gliding, rather than taking steps.

The beauty of an elliptical trainer workout is that it only takes 15 – 20 minutes to get a great workout that includes your shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, and calves. It’s so easy to squeeze in a quick workout while the kids nap or while we watch our favorite shows.

If you’re looking to buy your own elliptical trainer, you should know that while you can find some great deals online, it’s always best to try the equipment before you buy it. Some models may suit better than others. Just pop by your local fitness equipment store and ask for a demonstration/trial.


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