Who makes the best laptops?

A company that is known to offer very powerful laptops is Alienware. Since this company is specialized in making gaming notebooks, and since the video games today are very complex and demanding, you can know for sure that an Alienware laptop or computer will work very good, and will have high end features. Checkout best laptops under 40000 in India here.

The cheapest Alienware laptop is actually a netbook, and has a price of 900 dollars, while the most expensive has a 17 inch display screen and a price of 2,300 dollars. But for today we won’t discuss about the cheapest one, or about the most expensive, and we’ll choose the Alienware – M 15 X Laptop with Intel ® Core ™ I 7 Processor – Cosmic Black, Model: M 15 X-722 CSB | SKU: 9722255, which has a price of 2,000 dollars. So this one is also a very expensive laptop, but also a very powerful one. With so many laptops available in the market, choosing the quality laptops for students is a time consuming task.

Its processor is the best one on the market right now for laptops, the Intel ® Core ™ i7-720 QM processor, that features a 6 MB cache and 1.6 GHz processor speed with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 GHz. The RAM memory is also the best one for laptops – 4 GB DDR 3 memory for multitasking power, which is expandable to 8 GB. The optical drive is a DVD ± RW/ CD-RW drive with double-layer support, that can record up to 8.5 GB of data.

There is just one feature that is missing, and which should have been included for this high price – the Blu-ray support. The display screen is a 15.6 ” high definition plus widescreen display, with a 1600 x 900 resolution. And as any other Alienware product, the design is very interesting and futuristic, and really reminds us of a science fiction video game. You can find top gaming laptops here.

The hard drive is quite large too (320 GB and 7200 rpm), but for this high price we expected to see one of 500 GB. But still, 320 GB would be enough for most of the users, and you have plenty of space to install many video games and movies. And since the video games of today have  very complex details, you will definitely need a good video card to enjoy them. And this laptop has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 M graphics engine that features 1 GB video memory for lush images.

And it also has most of the ports you might need, including 2 USB ports, audio ports, a HDMI port, a VGA port and others. It also comes with a built in webcam and a 8 in 1 media reader (that supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital Input/Output, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, xD-Picture Card, High Speed Secure Digital and Secure Digital High Capacity formats).

And of course, you won’t use it just for video games, and you can also browse the internet on this laptop because it has both wireless and Ethernet connectivity for easy access to the internet. It has a weight of 9 lbs and measures 1.9 inch thin, so you can also carry it with you when going somewhere. And you can use it right after you bought it, because it comes with an installed version of the Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit.

So know you know more information about this laptop, and you also know that Alienware is one of the companies who makes the best rated laptops under 50000 in the world. If you ever used a product from this company, tell us more about it, and if you were pleased with the product or not.

TV Tuner for Laptops

More and more homes all over the world are becoming equipped with a computer and internet connection. It is not surprising that modern technology has brought TV viewing to the computer screen. Some of the ways to watch TV on your laptop is using a TV tuner card and connecting your laptop to a cable television connection, or connecting your laptop to your current TV set with cables, or viewing web cam broadcasts on your laptop.

So, the TV tuner can convert your laptop to a television, and depending upon cable service, may allow you to watch a great number of television stations.

TV tuner cards are very affordable and buying a TV tuner for laptops will deliver your cable directly to your computer screen for viewing. Using a TV tuner card may turn out to be more difficult because many subscription or commercial satellite dishes use scramblers to encode their programming.

You can use a satellite service that streams their programming through an internet connection to its subscribers. This is a great option to receive satellite TV delivered directly to your laptop. You don’t need to purchase any additional equipment, you just subscribe for a one-time fee and download their software. Then you will automatically receive satellite TV from all over the world straight to your computer. This is a very fast, easy and efficient way to view satellite programming on your computer.

Buying TV tuners for notebooks and watching satellite TV programs via a software company is absolutely legal. So there is no reason to waste your time – you can enjoy viewing TV programs on your computer today!

Express Card TV Tuner For Laptops

Some cards are external, while others need to be installed inside your computer. Instructions for the installation of cards are typically included when you buy the tuner card.

Some TV tuner cards can also be used as video capture cards, so you will be able to record TV programs and store them on your computer. TV tuner cards that support digital TV broadcasts are also available for you to enjoy high-definition TV images on your laptop. There are many manufacturers of TV tuners for notebooks, and one of the most popular ones is Hauppauge brand.

Some care is required when buying a TV tuner card or an exterior TV tuner, since not all tuners will work with all computer systems. Some are designed specifically for PCs or Macs, and many require additional software in order to view images. They may also need a certain amount of memory to run TV on your laptop.

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